Design of the Alto Rabagão and Cabouço do Alto Tâmega Water Supply System



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Águas de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, S.A.

Design of the Alto Rabagão and Cabouço do Alto Tâmega Water Supply System

This project comprises the WTP, a treated water tank, a pumping station and the pipeline to the original water tank, in the scope of the "Contract for the Execution of the Alto Rabagão WTP and Water Abstraction", which includes the treatment of water abstracted from the Alto Rabagão dam reservoir, to supply an estimated population of 104,461 inhabitants in the time horizon of 2035. There is a pumping station next to the treated water tank that pumps the water to the original water tank of the distribution system (R2), located in Antigo de Viade.
Alto Rabagão WTP:
   • Location: Montalegre;
   • Population supplied: 104,461 inhabitants;
   • Flow rate: 794 m3/h (220.5 L/s);
   • Treatment line:
          - Screening; Pre-oxidation (ozonisation) and coagulation for flocculation; Sedimentation (lamellar clarifiers); Rapid filtration (6 sand filters); Final disinfection (chlorine); Extraction, thickening and dewatering of sludge; Clarification and reuse of the filter wash water.
Treated water tank:
   • Volume: 3,200 m3;
   • Height: 4.6 m.
Pumping station:
   • Design flow rate: 230 L/s;
   • Electric pump groups: 2+1, unit power 200 kW;
   • Pipeline length: 1,920 m.

Services provided in terms of design included: Preliminary design, basic design, tender process and technical assistance to the owner during the execution of the contract.